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Zürich, Switzerland



Renewable Energy

  • Acquisition of 140 MW under development in Turkey for an external investor Vindkraft Ukraina portfolio of wind projects in Southern Kherson, Ukraine
  • Crimea Wind Power Project, 300 MW wind power development
  • Windforce Energy Development Ltd, 1000 MW European portfolio
  • Project management to a 27 MW wind power project in Ukraine
  • Project management for Econergy Scandinavia's Waste to Energy project in Donetsk
  • Rapeseed Study for Romania and Ukraine
  • Adviсe to a 1.5 billion infrastructure fund
  • Advice to UKEEP project in Ukraine

Emission Reductions

  • Sales support and contract negotiation for Nova-Eco LLC, Ukraine


  • Negotiation of 6.3 TWh long term electricity supply contract for aluminum industry group in Romania

Power Generation

  • Redbank Power Project, Australia, 130 MW Coal Fired Facility, Financial Closure March 1999, value approx. 290 MUSD
  • Azito Project, Ivory Coast, 288 MW Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine Facility, Financial Closure End of 1998, value approx. 230 MUSD
  • Italian Biomasse Power Project, value approx. 150 MUSD, Financial Closure 2000

District Heating

  • Gothenburg district Heating Power Project, Gothenburg, Sweden value approx. 200 MUSD
  • Bucharest NE district Heating Power Project, Bucharest, Romania, value approx. 200 MUSD